Pottery 2 Paint vs. COVID-19

It brings us great joy to welcome you back to the studio! P2P is a creative environment for artists of all ages to come share inspiration, supplies and laughter. That being said; these are uncertain and unpredictable times. Here at Pottery 2 Paint we are trying our best to do our part and as a result we are making some alterations to our process here at the studio. Thank you for trusting us to provide you with safe service and for supporting Pottery 2 Paint. We would also like to thank you in advance for your understanding and patience while we take the necessary steps to provide every customer with the highest quality of service.

Just 2 Be Safe

  • Please sanitize your hands upon entering Pottery 2 Paint.
  • Please leave all the supplies and items at your table.
  • Please do not eat in the studios at this time.
  • Please be respectful of others.
  • Please be patient and understanding.
  • Please be responsible.

Pottery 2 Paint is a judgment free zone, we make no assumptions and there is never offense intended. You may follow less stringent procedures in your home or establishment, we absolutely respect that decision and ask that you respect ours.

Thank you for your continued support;

YOU are making a difference!

In response to COVID-19 Pottery 2 Paint is actively:

  • Providing and encouraging opportunities to disinfect throughout the studio...
    • Please disinfect your hands often.
  • Asking “sick” or high-risk individuals to stay home...
    • We are happy to ship to you, hold items for you, order items for you and of course we’ll be here when this all clears up.
  • Offering 2 Go Kits...
    • We can help you build the perfect custom kit for you to paint from the safety of your home.
  • Offering curbside service...
    • Our staff will suit up and come to your car for pick-ups and drop-offs.
  • Disinfecting the studio between customers...
    • Each area is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before being used again.
  • Encouraging face-masks...
    • We encourage our customers and staff to wear masks unless they are vaccinated. 


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